Cyclop Pool Balls

Why Cyclop Tournament Pool Balls for the Best Play Over


  1. Based on legendary HYATT technology
  2. Higher percentage of pure liquid phenolic resin
  3. CYCLOP’s high-tech finish makes the surface smoother and stronger
  4. The smoother surface makes cleaning easier and decreases chalk residue
  5. Higher phenolic percentage increases the sensitivity and reaction time of the balls
  6. CYCLOP’s polishing system increases the longevity of the ball shine
  7. High-tech finish provides an extremely sharp & precise surface area
  8. Rigorous Quality Control System in place to achieve the highest quality possible
  9. Tight Tolerance Of Weight Control System
  10. New Colours designed to “pop” on high-def Television

Cyclop Billiard Balls by Diamond

John Hyatt

The Albany Billiard Ball Company started in 1868 on Albany, New York’s south end.

Albany Billiard Ball Company, One of the founders, John Wesley Hyatt was an American inventor and industrialist who patented hundreds of inventions. Without any doubt, his most memorable one was simplifying the production of “celluloid,” the first industrial plastic.

Hyatt, attracted by a reward of ten thousand dollars offered by a New York billiards company, worked to find an affordable, easier way to produce billiard balls because ivory was very expensive as well as public protestation over its acquisition.
With the help of his brother Isaiah, he experimented with different materials. Success came when he found a viable way of producing a solid, stable nitrocellulose, which he patented 1865, describing it as a “horn-like material” and which would later be called “celluloid. “Thus, the Hyatt “composition” ball with a celluloid base was born and the fame of the Billiard Ball Company spread quickly.

In 1871, the New York Times effused over the firm: “who make billiard balls of a composition which, when colored, can hardly be distinguished from ivory balls, and which, in addition to many other advantages, are claimed to be much more durable. They certainly have this one superiority over ivory balls… “The balls dominated the sport until the 1960s, when cheaper, imported billiard balls flooded the market. In 1977, David M. Carey purchased the company and renamed it Albany-Hyatt Ball Company. With new marketing efforts and low productions costs, he managed to make it the only major billiard balls firm in the U.S.


Phenolic Resin



Our unique phenolic resin is made of high strength, anti-wear, and heat resistant material, ideal for billiard balls. This material’s colour control is very difficult and vulnerable to external environmental impacts arising from changes. We haved succeeded in breaking the bottleneck, the new colours are much softer & smoother which shows a high level of colour control technology.


To provide the perfect colour, each ball must go through a 16-step process which takes 23 days to complete. Employees must pass rigorous training before joining the production line. Clean room production workshop and precise temperature and humidity control, effectively reduce the external conditions which will effect colour changes.


All equipment is designed in house which joins our unique and complex manufacturing process. Equipment is imported from Germany along with our artificial intelligence robot and fully automated productions line, this dramatically increases capacity and product yield while reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness in global markets.

Cyclop Tournament Billiard Balls

Environmentally Friendly

CYCLOP have invested over 1 Million dollars to set up a water recycling system which complies  with the national environmental resource standards 7 steps of water purification treatment process to make sure everything from CYCLOP’s facility meet national standards.