About Jack

My passion for precision and quality were rooted at a very young age while watching my father, a master cabinet and clockmaker, meticulously at work in his shop. Throughout my formal educational years I took a keen interest in design symmetry, which unknown to me at that time, would inspire and lead me into the world of interior design. Shortly after attending university I was able to realize my forte with respect to design, that being, spatial orientation tempered with form and function. Later in the 1980′s, after meeting my wife Julia, we were able to seamlessly combine her inherent decor and staging skills with my own practical approach to design.

Paragon Interiors was born from our mutual quest for quality and uniquity, with an emphasis on game room design, and continues today over a quarter of a century later. We invite you to visit our studio and view our latest products and creations.

Jack Herman, President, Paragon Interiors.